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"At Teitelbaum Orthotics & Prosthetics, we take pride in providing a wide spectrum of services tailored to meet the varied requirements of our valued clients, with a particular focus on prosthetics. From advanced orthotic solutions to innovative prosthetic offerings, our meticulously curated range aims to guarantee optimal comfort, mobility, and quality. Delve into the comprehensive list below to uncover the depth of our proficiency and find how we can support you in your quest for improved well-being."

Lower Limb Prosthetics

Below-Knee Prostheses (Transtibial)

Customized artificial limbs designed to replace the portion of the leg below the knee, offering mobility and functionality tailored to individual needs.

Above-Knee Prostheses (Transfemoral)

Prosthetic limbs created to replace the leg above the knee joint, ensuring optimal movement and comfort based on the user's lifestyle.

Foot and Ankle Prostheses

Artificial replacements specially designed for the foot and ankle region, allowing users to engage in a wide range of activities with enhanced stability.

Microprocessor Prosthetics

Computerized knee and ankle joints

Advanced prosthetic joints integrated with microprocessors, allowing for adaptive movement and increased stability during various activities.

Myoelectric arms and hands

Prosthetic limbs that utilize electrical signals from existing muscles to control movement, offering a highly intuitive user experience.

Specialty Prosthetics

Sports and activity-specific prostheses

Tailored prosthetic solutions designed for specific sports or activities, optimizing performance and ensuring safety.

Cosmetic prostheses (like silicone hands or fingers)

Aesthetically designed prosthetics, often made from silicone, that prioritize appearance alongside functionality.

Socket Technologies & Interface Materials

Socket Technologies & Interface Materials

Suction and vacuum sockets

Advanced socket systems that ensure a snug fit, improving the limb's suspension and overall prosthetic performance.

Gel liners and cushioning systems

Soft, cushioned liners made of gel materials, enhancing comfort, protecting the residual limb, and improving the fit of the prosthetic socket.

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